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Learner Support Services

This unit focuses on providing facilitation and other support to learners through the LMS, e-mail, phone and face-to-face sessions. The department also collects information on all learner support resources required by on-campus and off-campus students.

Instruction Design Services

Supports on-going monitoring and evaluation of content development, learner support, capacity building, and administrative processes at the eCampus. The department is also in charge of running a sustained training and capacity building program for e-content design, development, and delivery in line with Senate approved standards and guidelines.

E-Learning Infrastructure

It is concerned with continuous improvement and administration of the Learner Management System as well as development and deployment of relevant eLearning applications. It leads the customization of the Learner Management System to make it more interactive and user friendly .In addition it deals with managing users and available technologies that are integrated with the eLearning system.

Partnerships, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation

Promotes carrying out research to inform the continuous integration of innovative practices in learning, teaching, and management at Kisii University. Also, developing policies towards incremental mobilizing of funds through innovation and expansion of capacity at the ODEL center. Working closely with respective Deans of Schools, Heads of Department and ODEL Programmes Coordinators (OPCs) to ensure quality and smooth day-to-day running of academic programmes at the eCampus.

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