The Kisii University ODeL Center fosters the pedagogic integration of technology into the design of teaching and learning processes through collaborative efforts with faculty and other instructional technology personnel.
It's a virtual space

That creates a rich learning ecosystem through the LMS by fostering blended learning, eLearning and other academic interactions such as research and innovation.

It's a support center

For both learners, instructors, community and other key parties in the university. It creates a support-bridge between the university and its target audience.

It's a cradle of innovation

Kisii University is on the verge of being the epitome of academic excellence. KSUe ODeL Center is a team behind, crafting innovative technologies and strategies aimed at achieving this key objective of the institution.

We conceive and translate the University's dreams into reality.

We enhance teaching and learning processes, research activities, innovation, monitoring, and evaluation.

A single-minded focus on getting results.

Data-driven decision making is central to all academic activities.

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